Bamboo/Sleeve Nappy kit x 10


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5 Sleeve nappies (5 Shells, 5 large and small inserts) AND 5 Bamboo Nappies (5 Shells, 5 Soakers, 5 Boosters)

Sleeve Nappy

ts unique Sleeve design makes it easier to stuff inserts into the pocket
• This one-size-fits-all (OSFA) birth to potty nappy means there is no need to buy different sizes as the baby grows
• The front 3 rows of snaps adjusts to Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large
• The double leg gussets ensure no leaks around the legs
• The waterproof layer is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate),
a soft, waterproof, breathable and stretchable fabric
• The inner lining, made from soft SuedeCloth, wicks away moisture from baby’s bottom into the absorbent insert, helping to keep baby dry and comfortable
• Each nappy comes with a 2 inserts.A large and small, both with 2 layers of Bamboo and 2 layers of Microfibre

Bamboo Nappy

The only nappy that can be used as a pocket nappy with the bamboo inserts inside the pocket with the stay dry coolmax against the skin or a snap in nappy with the soft, natural bamboo against the skin
• The coolmax fabric is specially used as it is very strong, lasts, and keeps skin dry and cool
• The front three rows of snaps adjusts to Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large
• Double elasticated leg gusset.This works very well at helping to stop any leaks.Also, all the elastic used is very high quality so sits snuggly on legs and back without hurting as well as making sure it lasts for ages
• Each nappy also comes with a free booster. It is very slim on the bum compared to most other brands and the bamboo toweling inside is also less bulky than other fabrics such as microfiber, creating a small bum and better fit under clothing
• Our soakers and boosters are made from 70% bamboo, 30%
cotton. Often quoted as 40% more absorbent than cotton, bamboo is a super absorbent fibre with a luxuriously soft feel. Unlike hemp which gets hard and uncomfortable when
wet, bamboo stays wonderfully soft and flexible providing complete comfort for your baby. Bamboo is also anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral.
• We only use the best quality velcro so that it lasts. The velcro strip on the front outside is soft touch so that it does not scratch skin or snag on other items
• Bam+Boo offers a soft touch wash/laundry tab inside the nappy so that the side velcro straps can be attached inside. This reduces the velcro snagging other washing and allows the nappy to get completely clean in the wash
• The outer shell dries very quickly while the super absorbent bamboo soaker and booster can be tumble dried on low heat
• Our waterproof fabric is lined with TPU, unlike most others which are PUL. TPU is longer lasting and better for the environment than PUL



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