African Baby Carrier

African Baby Carrier

Made in Africa with love
Babies are happiest closest to their caregivers
for the majority of human history mothers have carried their babies close to their bodies, not only to leave their hands free for the multi tasking all mothers perform but, as research has shown, because babies are always happiest when in close proximity to the bodies o their care givers.
Strong Support for back and hip Development
using the benefits of modern materials the ABC assists the care giver in going about her/his business while creating a healthy supportive environment for the child. it provides strong support for the correct development of the child’s spine and hips and the specially designed hood provides 100% support for the child’s head while sleeping.
Pure South African
this baby carrier is a pure African product, hand made from the finest and most durable cottons. it is easy to take care of and should be washed at 30 C.
ideally the baby should be carried on the front of the care giver during the first 3 – 5 months and thereafter on the back. it may be used until the child is 3 or 3.5 years old.


African Baby Carrier Delux Denim



African Baby Carrier Original Denim


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